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Award-Winning Best SEO Companies in UK Use 6 SEO Strategy

Hello everyone, my name is Ishant Singh Rajput. I'm head of and today we're going to talk about all the different types of SEO, 

Award-winning digital marketing services companies in the United Kingdom take special care of these strategies.

But before we jump into that, let's take a few steps back and talk about what SEO is? So, SEO stands for search engine optimization.

And at the end of the day. It's really all about visibility. It's about maximizing the visibility that your website has in search engines like Google. 

Award-Winning SEO Strategies / Plans
Best SEO Techniques

If somebody's searching for a keyword that's related to a product or service that you provide you want your website to show up highly in Google for those results. 

There are many reasons why that's important you end up getting more qualified organic traffic back to your website, which if your website works well ultimately results in more leads, more sales, more phone calls, and in general more revenue for your business. 

6 SEO Strategies: This Is What Professionals Do

So let's get started. I want to first look at the three core types of SEO. These are the foundational types that everything else is kind of built off of whenever, 

We're thinking about Search Engine Optimisation and all so nuanced and micro specialties that are out there. Most of them can trace back to one of these three core elements.

1. On-page SEO

The first is on-page SEO traditionally. On-page SEO are things that you can see if you pull up a page and you're analyzing it from an SEO perspective 

oftentimes, these are things that you see if you're just a plain old visitor coming to check out the site too, These would be things like Title tags, Meta descriptions, Content on the page, keywords that are present or not present on the page. 

Basically, anything within that HTML that's being read by a browser and by search engine bots, making sure everything is good to go there, There's the right amount of content on the site, 

we're explaining things in ways that make sense to users and everything is mapped out perfectly with a well-planned on-page SEO plan. 

2. Off-page SEO

The next bucket would be the strange and distant cousin of on-page SEO that would be Off-page SEO. So, Off-page SEO naturally is everything that's happening outside of the pages on your website 

And really what search engines are looking at for that is what's happening on other sites, that are talking about your website, that is linking to your website, that is mentioning your website. Those are all really big signals of trust and of relevance.

If one company has a million links in mentions about their website, Google's going to give them a boost compared to a site that maybe has 15 other websites mentioning them or talking about them online. 

So key part of Off-page SEO is you're thinking through maybe a digital PR strategy. Coming up with a way to create content that will naturally earn links and discussion around the web. 

Make sure that you've got a good plan for how things are going to go for you around the greater web and tie that into what we're doing in these other core elements of SEO as well.

3. Technical SEO

And the third and often times favorite element of SEO would be technical SEO. So, this is where we get to bring in all of our developer friends and analyze the sites from a code level, dig into the server setup and really do an analysis of things like -

Page speed, how fast does the site whenever people are loading it or search engines able to access it and taking a look at those server-level elements and analyzing all of that. Make sure that the sites are indexable that it's crawlable by search engines. 

And this sounds like basic stuff, but whenever you have a large site or you're working in technical e-commerce space, websites get very very complex and technical SEO where we want to kind of simplify things, 

Make sure performance is working really well across the board and all of the things that we're doing from an on-page standpoint and from an off-page standpoint can kind of flow together with the technical side.

And we're able to communicate and get full value from everything that we're doing across all elements of SEO. 

4. Local SEO

So, the first business-specific type of SEO that I want to chat with you about is Local SEO, so for all you folks out there that have a brick and mortar location or multiple bricks and mortar locations. 

Local SEO is absolutely crucial to driving people from their phones from their computers from their tablets into your physical location. So, a big part of local SEO is making sure that all of your map listings are optimized on sites like Google Maps, Apple Maps. 

Make sure that you've got correct information up to date information and really one of the key things is just having a wealth of information making sure everything's filled out entirely. 

You're providing a lot of small details on there. Your business is accurately described. All that helps kind of raise your profile and map listings. 

You also want to make sure that you're performing well for localized searches as well if you're a barber in Omaha, Nebraska and somebody's searching for haircuts in Omaha. 

You want to make sure that you're showing up high for all of those very specific local searches. 

There might not be very many of them in a given month, but for those local brick and mortar businesses. They're so valuable to have visibility for so. 

Any good local SEO services strategy is going to kind of take that holistic approach and make sure that you're showing up on devices in map listings and whatever people are searching in Google organic results.

5. E-commerce SEO

One of the other things that we want to look at from a business-type standpoint is e-commerce retailers. So, obviously, the big difference between e-commerce and lead gen or service-related businesses that have websites is the payment element. 

You know our job as marketers is to get people with their credit card in hand ready to convert and this payment element adds a whole lot of nuance to the SEO side. 

It pulls in a lot of elements from a technical standpoint just being able to accept and process payment making sure that the website's working well, 

but it also creates a challenge from an information architecture standpoint for SEOs. We want to make sure that your site from a product level from a category level from a characteristic level depending on if you've got customized products are set up in a way, that's really user-friendly that search engines can understand. 

There's just a lot of nuance and complexity that comes with e-commerce SEO, but it can be very rewarding for people because if your campaigns are running well, its fun to see on an hourly a daily weekly level

Those transaction numbers pick up from your SE0 campaigns in the e-commerce space. 

6. Enterprise SEO

And the last business type that I wanted to talk about is Enterprise. So, these are always fun challenges for a good SEO expert to tackle when you've got an enterprise-level site that's at 100,000 pages, maybe even four or five hundred thousand pages.

SEO operates on a totally different level when you're looking at a site at that scale versus even a small local site can sometimes only have five pages and that's all they need. 

On the other side of the spectrum, enterprise brings a lot of technical challenges, and again this is where we pull in our developer friends to kind of help. 

Make sure that the site is set up from a structural standpoint so we can make changes to specific buckets of pages to groups of pages and make sure that things are functioning really well from a visibility standpoint in search engines like Google. 

Enterprise SEO is always a big fun challenge and kind of pulls in all those core elements of technical SEO, off-page SEO, and On-page SEO.


All right, so we've talked about the many different types of SEO, and now it's time to get all of those words and strategies and ideas into action and that's where an agency like Web Effects can come into play.

So, let's chat a little bit about what exactly an agency does whenever it comes to Search Engine Optimisation and the first part of that is really the foundation for everything, and it's coming up with a good strategy and a good plan for how to tackle and approach SEO challenges for your site. 

I've worked on many sites over the years and I can honestly say everyone is totally different from how the site is built from the business goals to the market?

And that's where we really shine and kind of want to create a good foundation for success is you know what are types of keywords that we want to target what foundational, structural site-level changes need to be made to help facilitate that and then how do we put that plan into action? You can come up with a good plan but you need that technical side. You need a way to execute your off-page SEO strategy and be able to kind of bring everything to life on the site. And the cool part about SEO is once all those initial changes are made then we get to really dive into analyzing data to see 

Hey, maybe we got 80% of these right, but there's 20% of these keywords that aren't performing as we thought that they might and we need to make adjustments and tweaks to the campaigns. 

There's no website out there that ever reaches its pinnacle in terms of website traffic. There's always more that you could go after. There's always a higher conversion rate than you can chase after. 

What I appreciate about the SEO agency role in search engine optimization is getting to kind of provide that end to end solution,

Where we will get your foundation created, we will get your site off and running from a search standpoint, but years down the road it looks a lot different in terms of fine-tuning those strategies 

and making adjustments to continue climbing higher and higher in terms of traffic and revenue coming into your site. 

So, being able to be that provider and kind of watch campaigns, grow and mature over the years is really really cool and something that I enjoy a lot here at 

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