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Top Most Used 3 SEO Tools That SEO Companies In The UK Use

Today's post. I'm going to teach you, my top three favorite SEO tools to make sure that you can rank higher on Google, and these tools will help you save time. 

They'll hope you save money and they'll help you with 10 extra results, you're getting with SEO right now.

Most Popular 3 SEO Tools | Never Lose Organic Traffics

So, seriously make sure you keep reading. This SEO post is going to help you rank higher, help you get more leads, more traffic, and more sales to your website and let's jump in.

Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
Best SEO tools


So the first tool that I recommend is the Ahrefs tool. This is an

Basically, What this is? Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool. Now, Why do I like Ahrefs so much? 

Well, you can do keyword research on there, you can check out backlinks, You can check out your competitors, and pretty much every single thing that you need to do with SEO is on this tool. 

So, it's going to save you hours of time. It's going to save you hours of research and it's going to automate a lot of the hard work for you. 

Now, How does this compare versus mods or Semrush? 

Well for me personally? I prefer Ahrefs.

Ahrefs PROS:

The user interface is better. Its want to use is very quick and easy, especially if you're beginning with SEO and the other thing is as well that most of the data on Aherfs is more up to date than most other tools out there. 

So, when I'm prospecting for backlinks for example, usually I get the best results of Ahrefs versus Semrush or Moz, not just that. But also you can keep up to date with your websites. You can pop in your website on the dashboard and it will pretty much give you all the stats, you need around your website around your rankings. 

So, you can stay up to date with your keywords and all the SEO metrics you need to know are in place plus as you'll see from over tutorials about keyword research you can do this in the space of like five minutes of address versus other tools which might take like an hour or two to actually do so, yeah I'm not affiliated with all but I do like that tool and that's why I talk about it so much. 

Plus I think this will be very useful for you as a webmaster, but there are alternatives out there like I've mentioned Moz, Semrush all of these tools have similar features. 


Next up link building tool number two that I recommend is 

If you haven't seen my review on this already, just check it out. It is awesome. It's a very useful tool. I actually got on an awesome app sumo deal a while back and this is basically your all-in-one content optimization tool. 

So, what I mean by that, what basically you can quickly research what your competitors are doing already on phrase and you can type in a keyword and find the top 10 rankings for that keyword already and then you can reverse engineer compared to success on Google, find out how are they ranking already? how they optimize content? What sort of keywords or questions you need to cover in your article and then you can produce a better article in competitors to now rank them

This is very powerful plus With, You can also create content outlines in the space of like two minutes, so you literally type in your keyword and then you click on generate blog outline, and it's pretty much all done for you 

And what I mean by this well, instead of going through all of your competitors and doing all the research manually in terms of keywords, topics, headlines, headers, questions, etc. You can do that pretty much all yourself by automating it through and that is very powerful. That's an extremely powerful feature for you and it will save you a lot of time. 

What else do I like about it? Well, you can reoptimize your existing content on your website. So, you can paste in your existing content from your website already and then reoptimize them. So, they rank higher. 

Because the thing is, you need to be constantly updating your article, you need to be refreshing your content. Sometimes your competitors are going to create better content than you and therefore you have to constantly re-optimize your old articles. 

Now makes that process very easy because you can paste in your old content. Put it into and then reoptimize a few minutes using their content tool. Now the thing is you may be tracking all the data you need to know via and then you may be optimizing your content with

3. (Email Promoting Tool)

But at the same time, you need to be promoting that content and building links to it. 

If you want to outrank competitors and what do I mean by this well? if you don't have backlinks to your website, you're not going to rank on Google.

Now, how do you get backlinks? I would say 

You need to reverse engineer your competitors, Contact all the websites that have linked to your competitors, and then ask them to link to your content too. 

Now if you were to do that manually. If you were to type out hundreds of emails to every single webmaster on the internet link to your competitors. It would take an extremely long time. It'd be a total waste of time as well because you can actually automate it with tools like and Lemlist is one of the most powerful email outreach tools out there. 

Right now and I consider it an SEO tool as well because I've literally built thousands of backlinks through this tool and all you need to do is set up a good email template for link-building outreach and then Lemlist will send all of the emails that you need. 

So, even though this isn't directly an SEO tool. It's probably the most impactful tool. I've used it for my link-building business. If you do your emails outreach via so make sure you check that out and what you can do is actually export all the data of everyone who's linked to your competitors and then you can take that from Ahrefs, download it is a CSV format, get the email addresses for all of those and then pop it into 

create a new outreach campaign and all of a sudden you automate thousands of emails, tons of link building, outreach, and getting backlinks to your website.


Now if you want more tips on how to improve SEO strategy, you can get help from these Award-Winning SEO agencies, Check out this list now. 

It will save you a lot of time and they will teach you all the secrets about SEO. 

So, thanks for reading guys. I hope this post helped you. If you have any doubts or queries, let me know in the comment below.

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