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Microsoft Video Ads | Great Platform for PPC Advertisers 2022

Microsoft Video Ads | Great Platform for PPC Advertisers 2022
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Microsoft Ads is becoming an creative go-to technique for PPC advertisers across the world. They do know that this year Microsoft ads as market share for searches reached 38.46% in the US alone.

If you're looking to expand the reach and attract more people to a business or brand you can thank core technology such as Microsoft Graph to give you more insight about audiences and customized digital marketing efforts towards them

Integrating Microsoft ads into your online marketing becomes key towards unlocking audiences you haven't tapped into before.

Let's talk about the latest update of the platform Microsoft video ads

What is the Microsoft Audience Network?

Microsoft audience network (Also known as MSAN) is a native audience solution, powered by Microsoft graph Al it helps you understand and target audiences more in-depth promoting a better customer experience.

Here's how it works

More than 20 billion daily first-hand data signals are received from users worldwide from services and products such as windows, office,, and azure.

Powerful stuff for online advertisers because it equips them with a bullseye strategy to get products or services in front of audiences at the right time with the right message.

What's even more unique is the ability to connect consumers outside the search engine platform through trusted sites like MSN, Microsoft news, and top-tier publishers and news outlets

Video ads and Microsoft ads. Microsoft ads are a brand new feature that allows marketing advertisers to leverage video assets on their audience network campaigns.

You can use videos as short as six seconds to quickly engage audiences or longer videos to promote a deeper engagement for a service or product.

Quite a powerful feature, if you ask me

Shifting how we see video ads from a touch more perspective can do wonders Microsoft is rolling out this as a pilot in the US, Australia, Canada, and even the UK

Getting started, so

How Can You Get Started With This New Feature In Your PPC Strategy?

Try these simple tips -

1. Use the bid landscape tool in Microsoft advertising Ul to review suggested ads and performance for your video ads. Optimize as you begin getting performance data

2. Use at least one of the following video formats for your ads. Short-form from six to 30 seconds long, these promo best engagement. Long-form ranging from one to two minutes. If you want to leverage the potential of storytelling

3. Set your campaign to target your audience, you can choose various targeting tools like UET conversion tracking, and audience targeting, all of them work well to get your video ad started. You can also separate campaigns by audience target

4. Make sure to track how many people watch the entire video and for how long they watch it. This data is gold. Therefore keep an eye on these interactions

if the video works great if not, try another format with different lengths, copy headlines just be creative. The gist of it.


Every day new features are popping up in the digital marketing industry, with video being introduced on Microsoft platforms.

You can now take it to another level in online marketing strategies for 2022. Have you heard of any other new features on Microsoft ads? Let us know in the comments below.

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