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Award-Winning SEO Strategies In 2022

In 2021 SEO proved to be an essential part of digital marketing strategies. This upcoming new year is the perfect time to work on a solid SEO strategy to

  • Complement your digital marketing efforts 
  • Boost search engine visibility 
  • Collect more insights on keywords and 
  • Increase conversions.

If you are new to SEO, here's a list of things we recommend to prepare your agency for 2022

Emphatic SEO Strategies To Increase Organic Traffic
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Stay updated with the trends,

As a marketer or agency owner, you have to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry For SEO. Keep these points in mind 

Invest SEO efforts into Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are short answers at the top of search engine result pages. In fact, they are often considered position zero because of ranking higher than top-ranked sites. 

According to the SearchEngineLand Featured Snippets averaging 8.6% CTR. Therefore, if your white label agency optimizes your contact with this type of snippet your client can benefit from a boost in CTR.

Manual Internal Linking

Internal links are all the hyperlinks present on your client's landing pages that link to other URLs on their website while these are helpful for search engines. It also improves the user experience.

Internal links are essential to Google indexing, crawling, and site content. When SEO specialists optimize, they give search engines information on how web pages are linked hierarchically and easily enable content to match users' queries. 

An essential on the to-do list for your agency is to manually perform internal linking to ensure the proper anchoring of text.

Low Search Volume

Low Search Volume Keywords waste time and yield very little to no results. An expert digital marketing agency looks to balance keyword links and volumes. 


During keyword research, We recommend tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs that can show keyword research volume according to geolocation.

Spammy Backlinks will Hurt Your Ranking

Not all backlinks possess the quality you see, there are some links you should avoid all in all to avoid jeopardizing your ranking efforts. We strongly encourage reviewing links before adding them to ensure that they are worthy of your SEO strategy for backlinking. 

Unreputable backlinks are often linked to relevant spam content or use black hat tactics. While a few spammy backlinks won't hurt a site. It's used should avoid its frequency at all costs to avoid penalization by search engines.

Fix Page Speed Issues for Optimal Visibility

Slow page speed will ultimately lead to a poor user experience. The longer a site takes to load content or allow interaction with a page. The less time a user will spend on that page, affecting bounce rate. 


To spot page speed issues, use Google's page speed insights in just a few minutes. You'll know how to improve the speed for both mobile and desktop versions of the website.

Avoid Common Mistakes

With so much available information about SEO best practices. It is customary to fall into making these common mistakes 

Cramming all keywords on one page. This is an absolute no, some specialists encourage clients to flood a landing page with keywords but what they don't know is that this can negatively affect rankings. If a clear keyword strategy is not in place. 

So, what should you do instead?

Use specific main and supporting keywords for each page's content. This will prevent your web pages from competing against each other and make it easier for search engines to sort out relevance.

SEO Agencies In 2022

Now that you're familiar with best practices and common SEO mistakes. You are geared with the knowledge to wisely choose an SEO white label agency for the new year.

You may also consider the following when choosing an SEO agency 

  1. Positive reviews from clients 
  2. Learning about the latest SEO strategies and search engine algorithms. 
  3. The ability to identify user intent and audience behavior. 
  4. How powerful all the SEO tools they use case 
  5. Case studies with a clear strategy
  6. Results consistency, effective communication, and client centricity


In 2022, SEO marketing will become an integral part of digital marketing services for any agency. SEO strategies constantly evolve and require specialists to stay on top of the most recent updates and tactics to remain competitive. 

Therefore, if considering an SEO marketing partner consider the dos and don'ts. Recently mentioned. Are there any other do's and don'ts you consider for SEO? We'd like to know, therefore comment below. 

We post every week. So, make sure to follow our social media accounts @SEOcompaniesInUK to get notified about the latest updates and the digital marketing industry. I'll be back soon with a new post till then enjoy your time.

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